Thursday, September 2, 2010

Edmonds Embraces Plastic Bag Ban Law

The city of Edmonds in Washington is an absolutely beautiful place to visit.  It's right on the Puget Sound with views of the Olympic Mountains and the ferry that takes residents to Kingston.  The shops in downtown Edmonds are charming and offer wonderful window shopping.  C'est La Vie is a must-see.

But now there is an even better reason to like Edmonds.  They are the first city in the state of Washington to ban plastic bags.  The main grocery store, Petosa's Family Grocer, has already stopped using them.  They have also stopped using paper bags with handles.

Of course some people don't like the idea of forcing people to go green, but I'm all for it.  I'm guilty of forgetting to take my reusable bags into the store with me so I end up getting plastic bags (I reuse them around the house). If laws like this were in effect everywhere, I doubt I'd forget my shopping bags.

Last week, I thought that California was going to be the first state to ban plastic bags, but unfortunately, California legislation (thanks to Sarah for correcting me) did not pass the bill.

Regardless, Seattle residents now have one reason to think even more highly of Edmonds.  Hopefully this will start a trend in Washington.


  1. I use plastic bags on rare occasions, every time I'm at the store I buy recycle bags, with seven kids though sometimes I forget to bring them to the store. Found you through bloggy moms.

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  2. I thought California was going to ban plastic bags too.
    Thanks for stopping by Friendly Friday! :)

  3. I like the idea, too! I have quite of few of the reusable ones, but never reuse it at the grocery store. I think it was holding a huge collection of Star Wars toys earlier today...

  4. I also meant to thank you for following my blog in my comment above. I will be following yours in a few seconds!