Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 10 Silly Things I'd Love To Do (Maybe)

Blogger Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing said in a post today:

There are things my heart wants to do but my head says no, sorry. Or, that doesn't make sense for you right now but if it makes you happy maybe just maybe someday, ok?

She then listed her desires and asked us to do the same.  Here are mine: 

1. I'd love to drive to New York and back for the pure joy of seeing new places, having countless hours to listen to the ipod, radio, and podcasts, and many hours just to talk to my husband about mostly nonsense, gossip, and the workings of the world (I'm sure he'd throw some sports in there too).

2. I'm tattoo-free, but I've had a daydream or two that involves a small, whimsical tattoo of some sort hidden away.  No one would need to know about it.  Maybe someday I'll think about it more, but not today.

3. I'd love to spend an afternoon shopping for earrings, tank tops, and sandals, my go-to outfit any day regardless of the weather.

4. I dream about writing. And not just blog writing or homework writing, but the type of writing where I become burdened with a story that I just have to tell.  So I write and write and write without thinking about food, people, or sleep.


5. I'd love a brand-new mac laptop even though the one I have is perfectly fine and works perfectly well.

6. I could sit in a library all day and not think of a better place to be.

7. I want to learn to sew but I don't really have the time or the resources to right now.

8. It's easy for me to daydream about spending an extended amount of time living in a European country.  Walking down streets lined with markets, eating at an outdoor cafe, and buying fresh flowers for my adorable little apartment that I'd be staying in...ok, enough day dreaming.

Chop it off!
9. I'd love to cut my hair short-short like Ashley Judd's hair, but I've never really been a short-hair kind of gal.  Every time I've convinced myself to cut it short, I chicken out as soon as I sit down in the chair.  When the hairstylist asks me how I'd like my hair cut, I say, "long layers please and just a trim off the back." Maybe someday I'll work up the courage.  But for now, long hair it is.

But In The End...
10. I can daydream all day about the what-if's of life, the frivolous spending I'd love to do, or the exotic places I'd love to see, but I know that if I wasn't living the life I'm living-married and mama to the cutest boy-I'd be daydreaming and wishing for this life.  I'm a very lucky girl in more ways than one.

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  1. Love this- great things! I have been wanting to learn to sew, too, but just can't imagine where I'll find the time right now. Maybe someday! Trouble is that I could really benefit from being able to do it now because I have so many ideas in my head!


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  3. Here from FMBT! (I'm late...I'm sorry!)

    I really want to learn how to sew too...but haven't made it beyond a simple curtain or

    Anyway..following your blog now!

  4. Oh, I love to daydream...and then hope one day one of those things can become a reality (especially living in Europe, writing, or taking a road trip--I'm with you on these). I'm following you from the Midweek Mingle, and I can't wait to read more. By the way, congratulations on your blog award!

  5. I'm with you on the tattoo thing and Europe! Ahh, to day dream..... if only! I might have to do this list as well :)

  6. I'm so with you on several of these wishes, can you guess which ones? Have done several, only because I'm older and my kids are grownup, will mostly. Love to read your wriings, think you already have a story in ya.

  7. I would want to do all of those same things, except for the tattoo. I hate needles & would probably cry the whole time! You're right, though. If you could do all of those things b/c you weren't "tied down" as a wife & mother, you'd long for that life! I needed to be reminded of that. :)

  8. Great list! I'd love to do all of them on your list too, but I already have a tattoo (celtic moon on my lower back, no one can see it just like you said) but I would like to get another one, something for Avery! The trip to Europe has always been a big dream of mine. We went to Ireland for our honeymoon, but it was just a tease!

  9. Great list. Following rom FF

  10. what great ideas! i have a bucket list (listed on my blog) that i intend to finish one day!!

    (found you from thegirlcreative blog!)

  11. Love it! I am picturing you with shorter hair, a tat, and a cute new tank top on!

  12. Love this post. We have some similarities...let me say's just hair, it will grow back. (If you need a push for #9. Go for your dreams, I love that you put them in print.

  13. I can follow you on so many of these, but I have actually done quite a few of them as well. I'd love to learn how to really sew, take a long roadtrip with my family,and shopping sure would be great too.

    I grew up in Europe, and I actually moved back there for a couple of years after college....I prefer Florida though.

    Two summers ago I got completely sucked into writing this triology, and I just could not stop writing. I have no idea how I did it, or how I found the time, but I did. I'm still editing, and with the limited time I have to spend on editing, it will probably be a while...maybe when the boys are in school, before I can start doing anything serious about it.

    Chopping my hair short...I did that in high school. Actually, I became a hair model, got my hair colored aubergine, then black and my blonde long locks got cut short as well. My grandmother almost had a heart attack.

    Now, what would I like to do! Live on the beach...well really close to the beach! Right now we have a 10 minute drive, but I would love to be close enough to walk in the morning.

  14. Thank you so much everyone for your comments! Glad to know I'm not alone in some of the things I'd love to do (just not right now). Frugal Mom: That's awesome about the trilogy. Hopefully you find some to get it all wrapped up soon. :)

  15. Found a bunch of things on here that I would have answered: #1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10. Great idea for a blog post... I may do something similar.