Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 Things You Never Had To Clean Before Kids

It's a good thing that Simple Green sent me such a generous supply of cleaners.  I have needed it more than ever now that I have a baby walking around the house. No matter how many times I clean his hands or wipe his face, he still manages to leave remnants of his lunch around. After just two months, I have managed to use most of the Simple Green All-Purpose cleaner.

I've been realizing that there are things I used to rarely clean that now need constant attention.

1). Dining Room Chairs.  Ever since we strapped Nate's high chair to one of our dining chairs, they have never been the same. He drops his sippy and milk splatters everywhere. Then he rubs the chair with his peanut-butter hands. Needless to say, our chairs need to be cleaned often.

2). Coffee tables and end tables. Sure, before Nate, I had to dust them but now I have to get sticky fingerprints off them.

3). Sliding glass doors. Cleaning them now is absolutely pointless, but every once in a while I do it for fun. Within an hour, however, the fingerprints have returned. There aren't any birds crashing into our sliding glass doors.

4). The car interior. Specifically, the seat where Nate sits. Instead of an occasional vacuum job, we now have to search for hidden piles of crumbs.

What about you? What do you find yourself cleaning more often?


  1. LMAO! Piles of Crumb! i will be driving and I see my son eating in the back seat Jayden what are you eating I get a huge smile YUck its a nigget! from when? we hant had nuggets in like a week! Lol we have to clean out the whole back seat wipe it down because he throws his milk and it splatters, The bedroom Windows, The Flat screen tv from wonderful Little hand prints and the floor! notf rom your usually I dropped something more like I decided to use your hardwood floor or kitchen floor or evn the marble floor as my canvas Mommy thanks for the crayons! oh and the 5th thing we are often cleaning is his Mouth the Inside! ugh and hes not even 2 yet! ( when do they move out again?)

  2. Little backsides! LOL! Never had to clean them before...

  3. Every once in a while I clean my backside....

  4. The windows ar the worst for me! We have these big, floor to ceiling windows in our dining room and Avery loves to stand at them and watch the dogs and nature in the back yard. It's so cute but boy does she get them dirty. I am constantly cleaning them!