Monday, October 18, 2010

Organize Your Day

About Me
Hi all. My name is Tiffany.  I am the mother of 3 wonderful girls. My girls are my life and I do everything for them. This includes blogging. If I didn't blog, I am not sure how long my sanity would stick around.  I write whatever comes to mind on my blog Wyatt Family Farm. I have recipes, reviews, and giveaways.  I love to participate in memes and co-host a weekly blog hop, A Year Ago Today, each Thursday. I volunteer for everything, and have to be organized to do so. I am very OCD about being organized and my kids love to laugh at me, but they love it when mom is always prepared! So my systems can't be that bad.
Secret Fact: I put things in a safe place, sometimes so safe even I can't find    them. When I say it's safe, hubby says "Great! We'll never see it again!"

Organize Your Day

Many years ago I got a idea about a Control Journal from the FlyLady.  I think hers is a bit more complicated and I like to call mine a household notebook, just sounded less invasive. I use it for many reasons, but my biggest one is to help keep my head on somewhat straight. I have just moved into a new place, and with every life changing event, your household journal will need to be changed and updated, as your routines will change. So I am in the process of redoing mine and thought I would take you all on a walk thru my process and routines. Every ones' will be different depending on what works for them, but I will be providing some basic pages that you all can download and use. This will most likely be an ongoing series as I tweak and add more to my household notebook.

Ok, to get started, all you need is a binder and some paper. It doesn't need to be fancy, just something to get you started. But if you want to decorate it up, now is a good time to use some of that scrap paper!

The pages that I have started so far are Birthdays and Anniversaries, Things To Do Today, and Weekly Menu. I have my Birthdays and Anniversaries page at the very front of my notebook and at the end of each month I look for the birthdays or anniversaries that are coming up in the next month and send the cards out. I get a whole month done in one day! Its a huge weight lifted off of me.

My next page that is listed is my Things To Do Today page. I have this one in a sheet protector and each night, before I go to bed, I write what needs done the next day with a dry erase marker. This helps me save paper and I can edit as needed.

Then there is the Weekly Menu.  I also put this one in a sheet protector and write each weeks' meals in a dry erase. I love having a menu. It saves me time in deciding whats for dinner each day and is a life saver when making lists for groceries.

I am just in the beginning phases of redoing my book and will be posting more to this series. You can find all that at my blog, Wyatt Family Farm. Pages that I know will be coming include, Daily Morning and Before Bed Routine, Recipes Index, of course, the Honey-Do List ;), as well as many other tips and tricks to make your day smoother. I hope to see you soon on the farm! Wyatt Family Farm that is!

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Things To Do Today
Weekly Menu


  1. Great guest post! I am always putting stuff in a "safe place" and then not being able to find it. So frustrating!

    I love the idea of the Control Journal. Right now all my stuff (birthday/anniversary calendar, to do list, weekly menu) are in different locations. How great to have them all in one place. And I love how you use dry erase markers so you can reuse them. Great idea!!

  2. @ Liz
    Thanks a ton. I used to be the queen of papers. I printed everything, weekly to do's, post it notes, but now using the dry erase markers saves a ton of paper and space on my counter!
    At least you know its safe! lol