Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green Up Your Halloween

Today, I wrote about greening up your Halloween on Stylings of S. She has a great blog that focuses on fashion, traveling, and other pretty things. I hope you'll hop over to her blog and read the rest.

I can hardly believe that Halloween is less than a week away. It seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to the beginning of summer.  Halloween can be a lot of fun. Parties, trick or treating, chocolate, and costumes are just a few of the highlights. But with a lot of fun comes a lot of waste.

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Photo Courtesy of Flickr user PT

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  1. 24.3 lbs of candy!!!! Wow, I had no idea! That's crazy! Great tips for Halloween. We use reusable decorations and Avery has a cute little canvas Halloween bag. Such a great way to reduce waste and be green!