Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Park Time

On Monday Nate played at the park for the very first time. 

He was entertained by the soccer players for a while.

But it wasn't long before I knew he wanted to play.

So we played.

Crunchy leaves make perfect toys.

I'm not sure who had more fun-me or him.

According to, toddlers between the age of 12-24 months need 30 minutes of structured physical activity and 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity.  They also say, in general, toddlers should not be inactive for more than an hour.  

Outdoor activities encourage children to explore and develops motor skills in ways that indoor activities can't do.

Although some of these activities are a bit too advanced for Nate, here is a list of physical activities that can be done with toddlers.

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities to do with your children?


  1. I love to take Broden out to kick his ball. I love to chase him around, and teach him to chase me too. When he finally trips over a lump of dirt and falls to the ground, I love to dramatically collapse on the ground with him and then tickle him. Sometimes we go to a schoolyard soccer field and just run around.

    I agree that outdoor activities are so very vital for many reasons. As a parent of a 1.5 year old, I used to really struggle with taking him to play toys at parks because I was really afraid he would get hurt. After some months worth of perspective, I feel like I found a balance in that. First, we bought him an inexpensive little play structure for our yard that sits in the sand. This lets Broden climb and slide all he wants without me hovering. It also lets him fall- this is hugely important skill to learn! Since the drop is a very small distance, and a softer landing, I feel like this gives Broden time to experiment on his own with boundaries, and develop his understanding of height, falling, etc within an acceptable risk-to-injury venue! LOL.

    Another thing I have done is to find parks that have toys specifically designed for toddlers (as opposed to toys with 10 foot drops into gravel- those are the ones that give me heart attacks). When Broden first started walking at 10 months, those were the toys that would light up his eyes to see. Every time I took him to the park, I was surrounded by 1 to 1.5 year olds who were also climbing by themselves on those toys...I was always concerned whether those little guys understood what that edge really meant.

    As Shondra is saying here, there are so many good reasons to getting your child outside to play! I love this topic!


  2. Love the pictures, he is so cute! The park is definitely one of your favorites (we are actually heading there after nap today). We also love to go on walks and play in the yard. Once she starts walking it will get so much easier too and the activities will be more active. Right now I still left her crawl around and explore outside but there is still only so much you can do.

  3. I had to pop in when I found you on Twitter. My daughter is your age and lives in Bothell with a three year old. I thought your facts were interesting and plan to pass them on. They try to get out to the park as often as they can.