Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New PrintingHQ Business Cards

Have you seen my new business cards? Probably not because I've only handed them out to a few people so far, but here they are. Aren't they awesome?

[Insert funny commercial man voice here] Have you ever talked to someone about your blog and then had to scramble around for a pen and paper to write down your domain name? Do you want a tangible way for people to remember your blog? Or, do you not have a blog and just need business cards for the reason most people need cards? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need blogger business cards from PrintingHQ.  [Stop funny commercial man voice here]

A few weeks ago, I started browsing around for a printing company because I wanted some business cards. There are a few big name companies who I thought about first, but I'm glad I shopped around, otherwise I wouldn't have found PrintingHQ

They provided me with 1,000 business cards printed on 14pt.= c2s gloss cardstock, which is going to last me a long time. 

These business cards are perfect. They are durable, printed on high-quality paper, and convey all the information that I wanted them to. 

Patience is not necessarily a virtue of mine, so I was excited when they were printed, shipped, and delivered to my door in just about two weeks. I've heard about a few other companies who offer standard shipping, which is 21 days, for close to $8 more. 

PrintingHQ's website is easy to navigate. They have tools for custom design and offer phone and online support if you get tripped up or have any questions. I emailed them a few times with questions and they were more than happy to help me out. They usually responded within just an hour or two.  They also offer many other printing services besides business cards including banners, brochures, catalogs, greeting cards, newsletters, post cards, signage, and much more.

Special Deals:

-Order custom greeting cards and receive 1" stickers to seal each card. Choose from 5 different designs. If you aren't interested in the stickers, they will include the matching envelopes. Click HERE for more details. 

-Do you need a posters made for upcoming yard sales, church functions, or business advertisement? Perhaps you want to show off your child's artwork. PrintingHQ is currently offering a 10% discount on all poster purchases (quantity 1000+).  Click HERE for poster printing details. 

I hope you'll remember PrintingHQ when you need business cards or any of their other services. I had a really great experience with them and highly recommend them. 


  1. Awesome! Love your cards. Hey, are you considering going to BlogHer 2011? I told my hubby that I'm going to go and check it out. If you do consider going, would love to meet you in person!

  2. Thanks Teresa!

    I'd go to BlogHer 2011 if I got sponsored..sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to meet you too...your blog is hilarious!

  3. Love your business cards, they look great!