Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toys: Disposable or Keepsakes? (and Sponsor Highlight)

Christmas is going to be different for me this year. Unlike last year, my son will actually play with the toys we get him, so there is a bit more pressure to get him good, sustainable (in the sense that they won't break after a month of use), and educational toys that will last through the toddler phase.

This is Nate last year on Christmas morning-just over 3 months old
and couldn't care less about his presents, except for the rattle,
which made a good chew toy.

Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? Buzz and his friends get put into the dreaded Caterpillar room. Full of out-of-control toddlers, the toys are slammed on the ground, bitten, slobbered on, and basically abused. Poor toys. Anyway, we want toys that will last through this phase.

In addition to durability, we also hope his toys will mean something to him. My husband and I don't want him to have so many toys that they become disposable. It is our goal to have a child who grows up being thankful for what he has. We would prefer that he has a few nice toys that he values, rather than a room full of toys that he doesn't care about.  Instead of disposable toys-or toys that Nate won't even notice if they are thrown away-we want him to have toys he will remember when he's an adult-keepsakes.

It's tough right now because the thrill of ripping a page out of a book is so much greater to him than the thrill of keeping a book neat.

We know that limiting the amount of toys he has will be tough. We already want to buy him every little trinket and gadget available. We see the way his little eyes light up when he holds a new toy, but this is a goal that is important to us and we hope to be able to stick to it throughout his childhood.

Keeping in line with remaining accountable and making smart choices when shopping, I want to point you toward one of my November Sponsors- Natural Kids.  

They are a group of Etsy sellers who are committed to selling toys, utensils, clothing, and accessories for children that are made out of natural materials, such as wood, silk, cotton, and wool.  When shopping on Etsy, simply search for Naturalkids team and the results will contain items from Natural Kids or visit their online store: 

I think these little handmade ice cream cones are adorable:

Isn't this wool hoodie precious?

Here is an alternative to the typical plastic rings:

Keep Natural Kids in mind when Christmas shopping this year. There are many things to choose from including soft toys, wooden toys, arts and crafts, baby items, clothing, dolls and accessories, educational toys, and home decor.  These unique handmade materials are sure to become treasured keepsakes.


  1. What a lovely post. It is refreshing to hear of your choice to buy mindfully for your little one this holiday season.

  2. Beautiful post! We made the same choice with our kids and I'm so glad we did!

  3. As a mom to 5 kids, all I can say is GOOD LUCK!! It sounds like a WONDERFUL plan.

  4. Awesome to go Earth Friendly...we all need to make choices that make sense for future generations!

  5. Great products! I was recently talking to my sister, a Montessori toddler teacher, about how Avery was having a hard time focusing on one task for long. She recommended putting some of her toys away and then cycling through them as she gets tired of the ones that are out. So I went through everything and eliminated a lot of them. It's been amazing at what a difference it has made. I think before she was just overstimulated with all of the choices!