Saturday, December 4, 2010

Notre Dame Christmas Spirit (and a Sponsor Highlight)

Whimsical Winston on Etsy is a collection of handmade hats, Christmas decorations, hair accessories, and home decor made by Ruth and Deborah.

I was thrilled when Ruth told me she wanted to send me a snowman of my choice.  Ruth and Deborah make customizable snowmen.  When I saw that they make team-themed snowmen, I knew that I needed to request a Notre Dame football snowman for my husband.  He is a huge fan (he's converted me as well).

Isn't he adorable? I know he will make a great addition to our Christmas decorations for years to come.  I was very impressed with how quickly they made the snowman and shipped him.  He was made and arrived on my doorstep just a week after placing my order! 

If you need some Christmas decorations or want to buy a gift for a friend, you still have time to order and receive it before Christmas.  

They also sell a variety of couch pillows, scarves, and hair accessories. 

Make sure to visit Whimsical Winston to find the perfect Christmas gift.  And if you are in the market for some handmade Christmas decorations, they have a bunch of cute ornaments to choose from.  

Thank you Ruth and Deborah for sending me this cute snowman!
I love it and know it will be on display in our home 
for many Christmases to come. 

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  1. Thanks for the Lovely Write up !!

    Ruth and Deborah
    @ Whimsical