Saturday, January 8, 2011

ChristineMarieFord Planner Giveaway Winner!!

We have a winner!

But first, thank You to Christine for providing me with a planner as well as offering to give a planner to one lucky reader. And a big Thank You to everyone who entered.  I wish I could give you all one of these wonderful planners. 

And the winner is...

Comment #93 (as chosen by Jennie!

Jennie's comment: "I like the rustic brown suede lined journal book."

Congratulations Jennie! I know you are going to love this planner. 

If you didn't win, visit Christine's Etsy site to purchase any of her wonderful products.  Here are some of the most popular and favorite items for sale based on the comments that all of you left. 

Swarovski Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Mini Suede Journal, Sketchbook

Thank you Christine!

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