Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Seattle Aquarium

Courtesy of a fabulous deal from Groupon, my husband and I took Nate to the Seattle Aquarium during the holiday weekend.  I was excited to check it out, as it is a major attraction along the water in downtown Seattle.

The first attraction is an impressive aquarium that is sloped.  Your feet can be a foot away from the glass, yet the aquarium is touching your face because of the way that it is angled. 

Nate got a pretty big kick out of getting to get close to the many smaller aquariums.  I heard so many kids pointing at these fish and calling them names from "Finding Nemo."  There's Dorie!

Here is one of the 3 or 4 touch pools.  I can imagine that when Nate gets just a bit bigger and is able to resist the urge to rip apart everything that he touches, he will enjoy this part a lot.  But until then, we'll just let him look. 

I was impressed with this glass archway containing jelly fish meandering just over our heads.

They also have various toddler days.  These days are geared toward the little ones.  They have a special dive show just for them, as well as extra guides to explain the exhibits, answer questions, and engage in coloring activities or passing out stickers.

Getting close to some of the ocean's greatest creatures is definitely a highlight.

Don't sea anemones look like something from another planet?

This Underwater Dome was my favorite exhibit.  Salmon, sharks, ling cod, and deep-water rockfish swim around you, above you, and beside you.  It truly is a one of a kind exhibit.  A diver fed some of the fish and put on quite a show. 

The next time you are in Seattle, take some time to visit the aquarium. 
It is educational, amazing, and fun.

Do your toddlers enjoy places like this?

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