Thursday, January 20, 2011


Isn't it great when our kids finally learn how to do something new? It really is awesome.  Seeing them gain independence by mastering one skill at a time is one of parenting's greatest joys.  

But what about when they figure out how to do something that is only going to make our life more difficult?  Do you still find it easy to celebrate those accomplishments? 

In the pictures above, Nate finally figured out how to open the door to the bathroom.  To him, the bathroom is a world of cabinets to be explored, a fun scale to stand on, a place to find bathroom toys, and, of course, we can't forget about the mysteries of the toilet. 

Despite the dangers that are found in the bathroom, learning to open a door is one of life's many skills, although it is one that we take for granted.

So, for the moment, I relished in the joy of him learning to do something new.  I thought about how much he's grown in just 16 short months. That teeny baby that once nestled in my arms can now walk and open doors all by himself.  Then I closed the door and told him that it's a "no-no touch"place.  Hopefully that is enough to convince him to stay away from the bathroom, however, my hunches tell me that he'll probably be even more inclined to explore his new-found skill and I'll have to start locking the door or put up a gate.

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  1. I hope Nate doesn't become like Ethan; he was OBSESSED with opening and closing doors up until maybe just a month or so ago! Halloween this year was a nightmare, I had Ethan on my hip as I was trying to pass out candy, and he was slamming the door in people's faces! And if I wouldn't let him close the door for me (whether there was someone standing there or not), he got mad and broke down screaming! His favorite thing to do right now is to get into his drawers and throw his clothes all over the room (literally). Yay. LOL! I agree, it is fun to revel in it when they learn a new skill...until the "uh-oh" moment sets in when you realize this is only going to make more trouble for you, haha!