Saturday, January 22, 2011

When You & Your OB Don't Click

Have you seen this article, When To Break Up With Your OB? Reading it got me thinking about my experience with doctors during my first pregnancy.

When I found out I was pregnant with Nate, I started searching online for OBs. I reviewed every corner of all the local doctors' websites and read every review possible.  I eventually settled on a practice consisting of 7 or 8 female doctors and nurse practitioners.  Based on their website and reviews, they seemed perfect.

But after just a few appointments, I knew that this wasn't the place for me.  I felt like they spoke down to me more often than not.  Overall, I just never felt comfortable.

I talked about it with a friend who was also pregnant and she recommended another practice that was in the same building as the place that I was currently going to.  They had delivered her first baby and she was going back to them for her second.  She couldn't say enough good things about them.

After talking it over with my husband, I decided to make an appointment with them and just test out the waters.  They were a father and daughter team and I knew from the first appointment that I was going to be much happier.  So I made the switch and never regretted it.

If you just aren't clicking with your doctor, don't be afraid to make the switch.  According to the article mentioned above, if you find yourself thinking, she's too busy, she's not listening, or she's disrespectful, then it's time to either talk to your doctor and fix things or move on.

What has your experience been like with OBs?

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