Monday, February 28, 2011

My Newest Obsession

Photography.  I read blogs about photography, tutorials on using dslr cameras, and photoshop lessons.  The only problem? I don't have a dslr camera or Photoshop.  What's even more disturbing about this obsession is that I have been perfectly content with my point and shoot camera for the last few years, but now that I'm figuring out what I can't do with it, it no longer seems adequate.

Which is sad.  Discontentment.  Not fun.

And since money doesn't grow on trees (trust me, I've looked for those ever-elusive trees), I can't go around acting like it does.  Dslr's are expensive.  And Photoshop? Yep, it's expensive too.

So for now, until you all start contributing to my camera fund (ha! Just kidding), I'm learning to work with what I have.

I'm using a combination of Picasa and Pixlr, which are both free photo editing programs.  While there are drawbacks (like the 20 minutes I just spent editing a photo in Pixlr just to have it disappear), I am able to spruce up my pictures just a bit.

While they may not look like the Pioneer Woman's awesome photos, I'll keep working on mine and shoot the cutest pictures possible of my little guy with my P&S, which isn't hard since he's so dang handsome (totally takes after his dad).


  1. Great job editing them!! I love taking photographs but have never gotten to into the editing and stuff. I love how they turn out but I just don;t have the patience or motivation to do all the research and work. But I should, they are so cool!!

  2. I can totally identify with this! I also do not have a dslr camera or Photoshop but I continuously read lessons about them both. I never felt my cannon elf was inadequate ( in fact I loved it) until I discovered The Pioneer Woman. Now I feel like my photos are- well they're bobo!

    So until I am lucky enough (read: get off of my cheap rear end and buy the darn things) to own a dslr camera and Photoshop I'll just keep studying how to use them. I'll be an expert by that time!