Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Go-To Muti-Purpose Cleaner

I was very excited when I was presented with the opportunity to review and sample Simple Green again.  After receiving a very generous package last year, I have become attached to Simple Green for a variety of reasons.

1). Multi-Use: Simple Green can be used for most of my cleaning jobs.  Just this week I have used Simple Green to clean all my kitchen counters, wipe down any dusty surfaces, clean the bathroom cabinets, the bathroom mirrors (just had to go over it with a dry towel to avoid streaking), cleaned the kitchen table and granite breakfast bar.  Being able to use it in multiple situations allows me to not buy so many different cleaners.  One cleaner can do the job of multiple cleaners, which saves me time and money.

2). Good for the environment: According to their website, Simple Green is "an environmentally-sensitive non-toxic cleaner/degreaser that really works and can be economically custom-diluted for many, many different uses." I love that Simple Green can be diluted to fit the job at hand.  If I am going to just use it to wipe down surfaces, I include less Simple Green in my mixture.  However, if I need to do a heavier job-like remove grease from a surface, than I make a stronger solution.  

3). The smell.  If you've ever used Simple Green, then you know what I am talking about. It just smells fresh.  There isn't any of that toxic smell that accompanies so many other cleaners.  

I'd love to know which every day cleaners you use? Do you have any experiences with Simple Green products?

*Although I did receive a product to sample, all opinions are solely mine.

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  1. 409 and Simple Green are the ones I use the most. I have been much more into Simple Green lately though. Knowing it isn't toxic is a nice thing, especially with curious creatures wondering around the house. I mean dogs in my case, but with children too, it would be a concern.