Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ultrasound Results!


We found out what we're having.  Bows and tights or more basketballs? 

Well, now we have our answer. 

It's a BOY!

Before we know it, Nate will have a little brother chasing him on the soccer fields and at the playground.  

I hope he's ready, because, judging by the amount of movement in my belly, this little guy is going to give Nate a run for his money.

Everything else looks great.  The baby is measuring right on track at 20 weeks, was very active, and had a perfect heartbeat.

We're still tossing around a few names, but we have until July 25th-ish to think about it. Any and all name ideas are welcomed. Ryan likes Tyger Woods or Tom Cruze.  ;)


  1. How about Cobra Commander? Optimus Prime??

    Grats on the healthy male news, guys! I cannot wait to meet this new one. If Nate is any indicator, the Walkers make some good stock :D

    Fyi- Broden was super active may be in "trouble" hehe

  2. Yay, so exciting! That will be so great for Nate to have a little brother!

  3. Wow, I can't believe I was right, haha! That's so great, Shondra, I'm so excited for you guys! Nate is going to be such an amazing big brother; can't wait to see your two little guys together!

    Oh, and don't ask me about names...did you know Ethan's name was almost Trevor? LOL! Not that that's a bad name, it's just that he's so NOT a Trevor!

  4. Congratulations! I am your newest follower. I found your blog in Faithful Blogger.


  5. Congratulations!! How exciting! Boys are so sweet to their Mammas!! :)

  6. Ah I'm so late in commenting on this, but Congratulations!!! That is awesome. I've always wanted to have a little brother for Bennett! Boys are the best :)

  7. Congratulations!!! What exciting news. I wish you all the best.