Friday, March 18, 2011

When Things Go Lost...

My husband and I have slightly different approaches to looking for lost items.

Nate has a Hot Wheels toy that he loves.  He puts two cars on the top, pushes a lever and the cars race down the track.  He plays with it every day and even looks for it when we put it in his room.  The only problem is the cars.  Nate is usually pretty good about not getting them too lost.  Most of the time, they can be found in his bucket of balls, bucket of blocks, on his bookshelf, or behind the entertainment center.

Yesterday, however, was a different story.  The cars were lost.  Ryan and I searched in every possible place we could think of.  We were going crazy.  Where were those cars?? We kept asking Nate who would just look at us and smile. 

Usually in these situations, when I've looked in every spot I can think of, I quit looking.  I figure that whatever is lost will turn up eventually, or I'll finally get smart and figure it out.  What's the point in searching the same places over and over again? Ryan, on the other hand, will search and search and search.  It drives him crazy not to know where something is, which winds up driving me crazy.  I just want to stop searching and think about it for a bit.  

I wound up finding the cars a while later.  After thinking about where the cars could possibly be, I remembered that I had left my camera box on the couch and then put the box away long before I started searching for the cars.  At some point, he had put both of the cars in the box.  When we were asking him where his cars were, he was probably looking for the box. 

My question: How do you deal with lost things? Particularly toys that your toddler may have misplaced? Does it drive you crazy? Do you have to search non-stop until you find the missing item? Do you search for a while and then take some time to think about the possibilities before resuming your search? Or do you just let the missing item turn up eventually?

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