Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Tips For Moving With a Toddler

Moving with a toddler is no laughing matter.  It's tough.  They don't understand why they can't pull everything out of every box.  They don't watch where they are walking and trip over things and wind up with a huge bruise on their cheek.  Ok...maybe that just happened to my son.  Their nap schedule gets messed up in all of the excitement.  Regardless of the stress that moving induces, there are a few things I learned during my most recent move that you can do to make it easier on yourself.

1. Don't do it. If you can avoid moving during those testy years, do it.  But if you must move, go on to tip#2. 

2. Put packed boxes in a safe place. We  all know that toddlers love to explore things that are unfamiliar to them.  Boxes stacked all over the house that are waiting to be taken to their new destination are like candy.  They are just irresistible to a toddler.  No matter how many times your tell them to leave the boxes alone, they will get into them over and over again.  Do yourself a favor and find a safe spot to store them.  In our other apartment, there were storage units in the hallway.  We were able to use one of the empty storage spaces during the month we moved.  This kept a lot of the clutter associated with packing out of our house and out of Nate's curious hands.  Maybe you have a garage you can put your boxes in.  Or maybe there is a bedroom that your toddler doesn't go into where you can store them.  

3. Get your husband some help on moving day.  When the boxes are being loaded into the moving truck and taken to the new house, someone, most likely you, will need to stay with the toddler.  Either enlist a family member or friend to take care of your child so you can help with the loading, get some guys to help your husband out, or splurge a bit on hiring some movers.  In my opinion, getting some movers to help out relieves a lot of the stress accompanied with moving day. 

4. Designate a "safe spot" for your toddler while boxes are being moved and unpacked.  This could be a bedroom free of boxes where your child can play.  In my case, it was a Pack-n-Play.  As much as I hate confining Nate to a play pen for too long, it was nice being able to put him in a safe spot and know he wasn't getting into any trouble.  

5. Unpack everything as quickly as possible.  Even if it means staying up a few hours past your bedtime, do it.  At the very least, make a safe area that can be gated off for your child to play.  This will save you a lot of stress while you do the rest of the unpacking.  

If you do these things, your move should be easy-peasy.  Well...easier than it would be if you didn't do these things.  :)


  1. Good stuff. Very happy we got pro movers! They rocked with their shoulder dolly and all... This condo will be nice, easy-peasy ya'll.

  2. I think we may have to move sometime within the next few years! I will definitely keep your tips in mind. :)

  3. It seems like moving with a toddler is inevitable if you marry young :) I moved a TON during the first five years of my marriage.

    Another tip for moving with a toddler is get someone else to watch them for 48 hours. It's hard to leave them but if you have a grandparent, aunt or BFF who is willing to watch them it REALLY makes the loading/unloading/initial unpacking easier. You are able to be more productive during those hours and give your child a less stressful adjustment to their new environment.

  4. Yup, moving with a toddler is no joke at all. Thank you for these tips. Anyone can easily manage packing the stuff while at the same time guarding the little one.