Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving, Childbirth, And A Tour Of Our New Place

We've been pretty busy these last few days.  From packing, to loading boxes and furniture on a truck, to unloading, to unpacking...we've done it all.  Since I'm pretty pregnant, my poor husband had to lift most of the heavy boxes and deal with me having him move boxes to various rooms so I could unpack them.  He was also stuck with the job of putting the furniture back together.  Cribs, a new dresser, shelves for a pantry, and...I'm probably missing a few things, but he is so much better at assembling than I am.  I get confused by directions that involve tools and screws.

During the moving fiasco, I was stuck with keeping Nate entertained, happy, safe, and out of everyone else's way.

If you are expecting your first baby, keep in mind that you want to move before your baby is born.  It gets so much harder to move once you have a little one.  Nate was so curious about everything.  Poor guy was in his playpen and watching Elmo for a good portion of the day.

In my opinion, moving is like having a baby.  Well...not quite...but I kind of think of it like that (I apologize to any guys reading this) but you know how you keep on pushing just knowing that the outcome will be worth the pain? I happened to push for two and a half hours-talk about perseverance! Well, when we move (this is our 4th move since being married and I have been excited about each and every one of them), I keep on working, unpacking, and rearranging knowing that there will be a positive outcome after all the work is done.  The outcome isn't nowhere near  as great as holding that new, never before touched baby, but it is a positive outcome, nonetheless.  Who doesn't like a new place to live?

Anyway, I managed to get a few pictures while Nate and I were hanging out at the house waiting for the movers to bring the first load.  All we had brought over were the plants and Nate's toys.  The living area is my favorite part of the house.  You'll have to look at these first few pictures to get an idea of how it works.

This is the Living Room area.

Back in the corner you can see the nook that we turned into a play area.  I love that Nate has his own place to play and keep his toys.

This picture is the view from the living room into the kitchen and dining room.  I love the cutouts because I can still see Nate while cooking, which I really need to start doing more of again. We have eaten out an insane amount of times these last few weeks because I very conveniently packed all of our kitchen supplies a bit early.

No house with a toddler is complete without a set of gates. 

This is the kitchen.  It's smaller than the last kitchen we had, which has presented a few problems.  For instance, where do I put my food? The pantry is non-existant. Well, my awesome husband put together a set of shelves for me in the dining room.  And see how that microwave takes up some very valuable counter space? My husband found a new place for it atop the shelving system he built, which solved that problem.  Such a problem-solver he is! But I'm liking the white cupboards and the overall layout.  It's simple and works.  Don't worry-we got rid of those hideous rugs that the previous owner left behind. 

Here is a bedroom...pretty standard.  But the carpet is new, which is always my biggest concern. 

And how awesome are these windows? They let in so much light. 

Overall, besides a few little hiccups (like the horrible parking!), I really like this place.  I think it is going to work really well for us.  I'm excited about all of the new memories we will make here-the biggest being welcoming Baby Lance into the world! Only a few more months now! 

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