Friday, June 10, 2011


After putting Nate to bed and straightening up the house, I've been having some fun editing photos.  But sometimes, editing photos of the same people (let's face it, 90% of my pictures are of Nate) can get a little boring.

So I decided to take on the Fix-It-Friday challenge going on at I Heart Faces.  On Fridays, everyone edits the same picture and then posts the picture on their forum for everyone to see with step-by-step directions as to how they got their finished result.

I thought I'd share my edit here.  There were already a ton of awesome edits on the forum.  Every type of edit imaginable had been done, including the types of edits that I usually do.  So, I decided to venture out and do an edit that I don't usually do.

Here is the original:

Here is my edit: 

My steps: After making some minor adjustments in ACR (bumping up the exposure, brightness, and blacks), I created a layer, desaturated the photo, adjusted the contrast, and then applied a layer mask and painted w/ black to reveal the color in the headband.

I usually prefer a much cleaner and simpler edit, but it was fun to create something a bit more dramatic. 

And by the way, editing this photo totally made me want a little girl with pink headbands and bows.  :)

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  1. Nice! Some of the other edits have crazy alien eyes. Cool stuff