Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I grew up not caring much about Father's Day.  My Dad wasn't around and when I did eventually have a "dad" figure, he wasn't really worth celebrating, but I did what was expected of me.  

But since getting married and having a baby, Father's Day has a totally new meaning.  I don't dread it anymore, but see it as an opportunity to make sure my husband feels loved and appreciated for being so utterly wonderful.  

I hope Nate always knows how lucky he is to have Ryan for a Dad.  Not every child gets to grow up with such an attentive, caring, and involved Father.  And if Nate ever seems to forget how lucky he is, trust me, I will be there to remind him.  

The pictures I have of Nate and Ryan are some of my favorites.  It makes me so happy to see them together and have visual proof of the bond they have already formed. 


Thanks love, for always being such a great husband and an awesome Dad.  We love you. 

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