Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hit The Road, Jack

I've been meaning to share some pictures from our mini-vacation to Vancouver, Canada.  To get there, we only had to drive about 120 miles from Seattle and were able to use our nifty enhanced drivers' licenses to get across the border.  It was mine and Nate's first time out of the country, and aside from a few GPS malfunctions, we had a great time. 
The city is absolutely gorgeous! There are so many trees, mountains, and so much water.  

Ryan brought me a little flower, which was really sweet of him, but Nate really wanted it.  He kept smelling it and the poor flower eventually wound up crumpled in his hand.  I told Ryan that he'll have to remember to grab one for Nate next time too. :)
We even got ourselves some Canadian money. Did you know that they call their dollar coin a Loonie? Isn't that great!?

We went to an awesome aquarium (although not quite as awesome as the Monterey Bay Aquarium) and saw Beluga whales for the first time and a dolphin show. 
Dolphins are crazy jumpers! These guys had the entire crowd in awe. 
And they had an Amazon exhibit where we walked right underneath amazing birds and this guy, a two toed sloth!

As we returned home, we were greeted by this sign.  Oh, the good ole' U.S.of A.

We had a great time. Next time, we'll have the GPS all set up and ready to go so we aren't scrambling around and looking at maps the entire time.  Who does that anymore?  Seriously? I don't know where we'd be without our GPS anymore. 

Have you ever been into Canada? 


  1. No passports? What is an enhanced license? We want to go this summer but who can afford passports?

  2. It's actually pretty awesome. I didn't know about them until we moved to Washington. Apparently only a few states offer them-usually those with access to a border. We had to pay about $40 more than a usual license, but it gets us into Canada or Mexico by rail, road, or sea. :) If we want to fly, we have to get passports. So all we had to do was show border attendant our driver's licenses and Nate's birth certificate and they let us through.

    It would be awesome if every state had those.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful aquarium! You just made me want to go to Monterey for a weekend, Ethan's never been to the aquarium there. :-) I love Canada, it's so gorgeous, especially in the spring time. Glad you had such a good time, great pictures!