Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life As A Family of 3

Nate will never remember being an only child. 

The road trips, tickle fights, or trips to the park.

But will he remember the countless times we've told him that we love him? 

Told him what a good boy he is? 

Or told him how incredibly adorable we think he is?
I doubt he'll remember our life as a family of 3. 

Our life as Dad, Mom, and Baby. 

Will he remember laying with Dad in bed and watching a ball game?

Will he remember the books I've read to him over and over?

Or the times we've listened to his music in the van, singing "A, You're Adorable?"
I'm not sure what he'll remember about our life before we became a family of 4,

But if he doesn't remember any of those things,

I hope he always knows how he instantly made our lives richer,

That our love for him is deeper and stronger than we imagined it could be, 

And I pray that not a moment passes where he doesn't feel special and cherished.

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