Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Today is my first time participating in the Photo Scavenger Hunt hosted by Ashley at Ramblings and Photos.  Since I love her blog and appreciate all the photo tips she provides (not to mention that she is giving away a fabulous prize this week), I thought I'd go ahead and enter.

Basically, our task is to take 5 pictures throughout the week-one for each prompt.

Here are the prompts: Pop of Color, Crossing Thresholds, X-Ray, Toy, and Hidden or Farm.

Pop of Color:

This picture was taken at the Timberbowl Rodeo in the beautiful Cascade Mountains.  I loved that the cowgirl and the horse were wearing matching green accessories.

Crossing Thresholds: 

To be honest, I was a little confused when I saw this prompt, but after reading Kat's explanation, it made perfect sense.  This particular threshold contains a warning or caution sign just before crossing.  I like that.  How many times do we cross thresholds without thinking about the consequences? To every decision, there is a consequence.  Some are good and some are bad, but as we grow up, I think we begin to recognize the warning signs of a bad threshold.


This prompt stumped me at first as well.  The only x-rays I have access to are the chest x-rays that Nate had when he was a few months old (poor guy) but I didn't think those would photograph too well.  After reading the tutorial that Ashley found, it made a bit more sense.  You can use basically any picture and just create an adjustment layer, select invert, and then change the blending mode to suit your taste.

Ryan and I stumbled across this old house last weekend. It was built in the 1890's. Besides the plaque in front of the house, it looks like it could be in a scary movie.  I'm sure I wouldn't want to be tromping around that house in middle of the night.

Last weekend, we went to Central Washington University just to check it out, and wound up in a store that sells CWU gear.  While Ryan was happy to buy a shirt, Nate was super excited when the girl behind the counter gave him this balloon.  It was filled with helium, which frustrated him quite a bit once we got home and he couldn't play with it like a normal ball.  But by the next morning, the helium was gone and Nate had fun with it all week.  It's amazing how toddlers are entertained by the cheapest and simplest things.

Farm or Hidden: 

We were able to choose between the two prompts, but I'm going to show you a picture for each since I happen to have ones that will work.  The first is for Farm.

I took this picture at the Rodeo, which is pretty farm-like with all the horses, bulls, sheep, and cowboys roaming around.  The picture below is for the Hidden prompt.

Can you see the bald eagles hiding in the trees? There are two of them.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Nice job with the prompts. Love the Rodeo picture.

  2. VERY cool pop of color & x-ray shot!! :)

  3. Very cool! Where's Waldo the bald eagle? Found him...

  4. These are all great, but my favorite is the Farm shot. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I LOVE it!!!

  5. love the thresholds and xray picture!! cool!

  6. I'm glad you joined in! I enjoyed your interpretations. I especially love your threshold photo. And Nate is so cute with the balloon! I would love to see eagles in person. I can only find one of them in the photo.

  7. What a nice set! I always love chatty prompts! My favorite has got to be pop of color, but these are all great shots and interpretations!

  8. So glad you joined in - I really love your x-ray shot. That turned out so cool! I hope you'll join again next week!

  9. Awesome pictures. Welcome to the hunt!!

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Wonderful photos! So glad you decided to join in! Your xray and threshod shots are my favs :)

  11. Great ideas for each prompt- Happy I popped on over to check them out.

  12. Very good entries. I love x-ray, it is kind of moody.

  13. Nice to have you joining in with the Scavenger Hunt and Exploring with a Camera! I like your interpretation of threshold, it is a good reminder. We often charge ahead without thinking of the consequences or even noticing the warning signs.

  14. Wonderful job. I love the first two.

    Marla @

  15. I love the action in the horse image! Wonderful shot:)

  16. visiting via Ashley... a little late... I am like that! ;) love love your x-ray shot.. old scary house and all! I live an hour south of you in Oly... and I attended CWU way WAY back in the late 80's early 90's!! ha ha... nice to meet ya! blessings~

  17. Breezing in from Kat's link to see your threshold shot which I love. Great leading line as well. The bonus was the scavenger hunt shots-don't you love looking for those? What a great series, aside from threshold I like the first movement shot and farm.