Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Edit Me-Week 15

Here is my edit for Branson's "Edit Me" challenge.  The SOOC, by Jamie from Mommy's Camera, really didn't need much done to it.  It was so bright and colorful, as well as properly exposed.  It probably could have been left alone.  However, since this is an editing challenge, here is what I did.

-Opened in ACR.
-Increased the blacks and desaturated the image just a tad.  
-Opened in PSE9 and increased the contrast and selectively saturated the dress, socks, shoes, and grass. 
-Warmed the photo up to give it a summer-like feel to it.  I love Pioneer Woman's action "warmer." 

And that's it! Not much to it this week.  :)

Here is the original:


  1. I love how the pokadot dress looks in your edit!

  2. I love what you did with my photo! It definitely has a warm, summer look to it

  3. this edit really brings out the glitter in the shoes . . . and, as Amy said, the polka dot dress!