Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Edit Me: Week 18

I never got around to joining in last week's challenge, but I'm back now.  This picture was taken by Kathryn of a Ferris Wheel in Chicago.  Ryan and I have always talked about visiting the city.  Hopefully soon we can make our way there for a little vacation.

Anyway, here is the original image:

I loved the blue sky and the composition, but I decided to change it up a bit. 

Here is my edited version:

I've really been enjoying looking at single images that are broken up onto multiple canvases.  So I did that with this image.

But first, here are the steps that I took to achieve this look:

I opened the picture in ACR and adjusted the color sliders.  I pushed the top slider toward yellow and the bottom slider toward green to achieve the turquoise background.  I bumped up the contrast and the blacks and then increased the saturation just a tad.

Then I opened the picture in PSE9 and ran Everyday Elements action for curves.  I increased the blacks even further to get more contrast.  Then I ran two actions-Boost and Lovely and Ethereal from the Pioneer Woman.

Once I was satisfied with the color, I added a texture from Kim Klassen-Scripted Autumn.  I changed it to Hard Light Blending mode and selectively removed parts of the texture from the ferris wheel and sign using a soft brush at 30% opacity.  I then reduced the overall opacity of the texture to 40%.

And last but not least, Courtney from Click it Up a Notch, shared some places to get free storyboards last night.  I can never resist a free storyboard, so I checked them out.  I found the one above from Skinned Knees and love it.  Adding the picture onto the multiple layers is a one-step process, which is awesome! Make sure to check out these storyboards.

Enjoy your week!



  1. what a great idea to make this a series of shots. great wall art idea!!! vibrant colors, too. very cool.

  2. Now I really like the split canvas idea - that's genius.

  3. Great edit.. Lovely tones.. ;)) I linked up but I love yours too :))

  4. I really love the colors, but I love more how you have broken up the photo!

  5. I simply loved this one...Fabulous Idea....Fantastic Outcome:)

  6. I like the more greenish sky, it's summer-like