Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Life

I suppose that there are a million different ways I could portray myself on this blog.  Happy.  Perfect.  Supermom.  Frazzled.  Frustrated.  Annoyed.  Lazy. Relaxed. Burned out. Poised. And on any given day, I might be any one of those.

But isn't that the way that parenthood, or adulthood for that matter, works? Different emotions plague us on various days.  Nobody is perfect and no one has it together every single day of the week.

You might hop over here to read a post of mine and see a super cute picture of my boys.  They might be smiling and I will probably write some cute remark about how great it is to be a mom of boys (it really is great!).

But believe me.  I could have also shown you a picture of my boys crying.  Or of Nate throwing a fit because I won't let him watch Elmo. Again. Or of me being attitudey (yes, that is a word in my household) to my husband.  Or frustrated because after changing diapers, brushing teeth, tucking in, nursing, and getting both boys to sleep, one of them wakes up right as I'm about to work on an assignment (working on my final class of my Master's, btw!), and I wind up having to spend an extra half hour getting that sweet baby back to sleep.  I might even have to type while holding a baby in my arms, which while I am grateful to have moments like this, sometimes I just wish they were more conveniently timed.

As young mothers, we have a wonderful resource that our parents did not have.  At any given moment, we can turn on our computers and peek into the lives of moms around the world who choose to share their daily adventures with us, but we just need to remember that just because they seem to have it all together, they still have less than desirable moments, just like the rest of us.  No one is immune to those.

Most likely, I will always choose to share that one image out of 50 where both boys are smiling.  And that isn't because it's what I want everyone to think my life is like, but because it is what I want to remember next year, or five years from now, or in twenty years when my boys are out of the house and living their own lives and moments like these are just a memory.

Here are a series of images I took the other night.  They are real.  No forced smiles.  Just a night in our life.

Enjoy your day!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. awww precious babies!!
    stopping by from CG (:

  2. Sweet moments captured! Brothers are so special.

  3. Ahh, glad to know that everyone else has it just like me. I didn't know you we doing school too. Wow!

  4. Oh wow, such real life words. Thanks for a peak into your life and the life of your family. God bless.

  5. These pictures are beautiful! I love that you are real. I mean, honestly, isn't that better than anything else in the world. Who wants perfect?

  6. Beautiful pics! And... you're right about all of those emotions. Different every day and who has the time to worry about perfection!? I love that you captured the evening in photos :-)

  7. So I am not the only one that feels that way :))
    love your post!!!