Monday, November 14, 2011

Style Me Sweet Designs: Sponsor Highlight

I am so excited to have Mandy from Style Me Sweet Designs as a sponsor.  She designs and sells one-of-a-kind logos as well as premade logos.  I promise you that there is something awesome for every brand and every budget.  

Her designs are sophisticated and cute at the same time-perfect for a photography business, etsy site, or small business.  

Mandy says, "Graphic Design and Illustration are my PASSION..besides my family its what i live for each day, i draw inspiration from everyday life, the things around you can probably tell, i love nature and cute things:)."  

Style Me Sweet Designs features one-of-a-kind logos, which will never be resold.  These logos include a vector file, PSD, PNG, JPG, and ABR-Photoshop brush.  

She also sells adorable premade logos, which will be resold, but are quite a steal.  

And if she doesn't have exactly what you are looking for, she also takes custom orders. 

Here is just a sampling of what you'll find in her shop

Be sure to check out Style Me Sweet Designs for your graphic design needs.  
And check out her Pinterest account.  She pins some seriously awesome stuff.


  1. That seller STEALS stock images from stock sites!!!
    Here are a few examples

    Here is a cupcake design she claims to have made for 'Cherry on Top' .com. When you check this site that logo isn't even ON it!
    Now here s the SAME cupcake a stock site created by Pichayasri. The ACTUAL artist.

    Here is ''her'' design of a little girl in bed.
    Stock site link

    Now this image is from a totally different designer on the stock site than the one above
    Notic 'One of a Kind- 'never resold' directly in the listing title! Ugh!

    The same image owned by Relato on Dreamstime stick site.