Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Puddlegear

Oh goodness, where has the time gone? 2 weeks without blogging? I must be going crazy.  Or really busy. Or distracted.  The other night, my husband let me know that last January I blogged 20 times.  This January I have only blogged 5 times.  I guess I'm a slacker. :)

But if you're interested in what I've been up to, check out my Etsy site.

Ok, so on to this week's scavenger hunt.

Recently we had a lot of snow. Like out-of-the-ordinary type of weather for Seattle.  But it has since rained a lot and all of the snow is gone.

However, while the snow was here, I took advantage of testing out a product that was sent to me called Puddlegear.  It's a suit intended for rainy weather, but I found that it also worked perfectly in the snow.  I put some warm clothes on Nate and then put the Puddlegear suit over his clothes and he remained completely dry and warm.

Check out that cute outfit that Nate is sporting.  Those gloves kept his hands toasty the entire time.

Stand Alone:

Look at my little guy treking through the snow.  

Rusty or Something Old:

Let's just pretend those bleachers behind me are old and rusty.  


That snow definitely wasn't artificial, which led Nate to get a little obsessed with eating it.  Don't worry...we told him not to eat the yellow snow. :)

Repeating Pattern:

Attacking each other with snow quickly became a pattern.  Even after rolling in the snow and dumping it on each other's heads, Nate's hands were warm (the gloves are fleece-lined), he stayed dry, and he never once complained about being cold.  

The owner of Puddlegear has this to say about her products:

"Puddlegear rainwear is soft and flexible, breathable, wind and water proof, safe with specific designs to keep your kids safe on the playground and in nature, very durable, flexible in all 4 seasons, and best of all it absolutely adorable and very cool! We have styles to fit every kind of player, onepiece raingear, bib rainpants, fireman rainjackets, and mitts! Great sailing raingear! Kids teachers and parents agree that when kids need to be dry -Puddlegear raingear is fantastic!"

Alrighty, thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your week! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Hello everyone!  How was your week? Was it good? I hope so.

Have you ever been planning for  a big weekend or an extra special vacation and knew that you were going to be shooting lots of amazing photos? Maybe you are going to photograph a wedding or take family portraits.  However, you just don't have that special lens or that special camera that would be perfect for the occasion.  And you definitely aren't going to drop a bunch of money on a new lens right now. Recently, on Twitter, I found the coolest company.  ATS Rentals loans out camera bodies, lenses, and other accessories for very reasonable prices.

I had the pleasure of renting a Canon 5d Mark II and a 100-400mm lens. The plan was that we were going to return to the Skagit River and photograph more eagles.  We did make the trip, but unfortunately when we returned the eagles were just not as visible and my pictures aren't really blog worthy.  Bummer.  Isn't that the way life goes?  It's like when you go to the store without extra spending money.  Don't you always find things to buy?  And then when you return with some cash to burn, nothing is very appealing.

Anyway, I highly recommend ATS Rentals.  They were very personable, prompt, and professional (how's that for 3 P's).  I was in constant communication with the company in regards to the rental dates, arrival dates, and equipment.  I also was not prepared with the correct memory card for the 5d and they even shipped me one.  It arrived in less than two days.

So the next time you are coveting that special lens or way-too-expensive camera, treat yourself and check out ATS Rentals.  You just might be inspired to shoot some extra amazing photos.

Check out these pictures for this week's scavenger hunt shot with the 5dmarkII and the 100-400.

Stacked Up:

These gorillas were chasing each other up and down the trees.  It was pretty cute.  You can't tell because I am using the super awesome 100-400mm, but I was actually standing behind a whole crowd of people. 

Winter Wonderland:
Guess what we woke up to today? Snow! These pictures were also taken with the rental gear through my living room window.  How awesome is that?


Is my little guy not the sweetest thing ever? We bundled him up last weekend and took him and Nate to the zoo. I couldn't get over how cute he was. 


This guy was huddled under a blanket to stay warm.  Poor thing. 

And the wolves were beautiful.  Absolutely stunning.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you'll check out ATS Rentals the next time you want to try out a special lens or camera (or other gear like tripods, flashes, projectors, etc).  

Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the New Year

This new year has me immersed in new goals ranging from cliche weight loss resolutions to better house keeping and nutrition goals.  And it just seems that there aren't enough hours in the day to do what I want to do, take care of my boys, and blog, but I'll figure it all out.  As I type this, Lance has been napping for two hours straight, which is awesome.

I do have some fun things to share here in the next few weeks though including some reviews, a giveaway, and lots of pictures...maybe even a few design freebies.

In other news...

Lance is almost six months old.  Isn't that crazy? He rolls all over the floor, has two bottom teeth and a few emerging through the top, and is so cute that you'd just want to squeeze him if you held him.  He loves Nate and will laugh anytime he's around.  Nate thinks that "baby is too little" and doesn't want him touching some of his toys, but we're working on that.

Are you busy with any New Year's Resolutions?

 then, she {snapped}NapTime MomTog

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011

Ashley, from Ramblings and Photos, is hosting another linkup which has had me busy scouring my photos.  What a busy year it has been.  Nate turned two, Lance was born, and my interest in photography was sparked.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for supporting this obsession interest. we go.

There are definitely more flattering pictures that I could have posted, but this picture has a special place in my heart.  I'm totally glad that Ryan took a second to capture this.  

I Love You:

What can I say? I love this guy with every thing in me. He makes me laugh, tells me I'm pretty, calls me out on my crap, and is the coolest guy I know.  He's the best father I could have ever imagined that my boys would have.  What a lucky girl I am.

Still Laughing:

This little guy is always laughing (unless he's wanting to eat-if that's the case, watch out!).

Winter Wonderland:

This was taken on our way to see the Skagit River Bald Eagles.


This was taken on Lance's birthday and the day that Nate became a big brother.


My hope is that as they grow, they aren't just brothers, but friends as well.

I was Inspired:
I was inspired by the many different sunsets I saw during Seattle's short summer.

Spring Fever:
After being cooped up all winter, we were ready to get outside and play once the weather got warmer.


We went on a lot of little roadtrips, but one of the more notable trips was my first visit out of the country.  Ok, we were less than 100 miles from my house..but still!  This is downtown Vancouver, Canada.

Summer Days:

Summer in Seattle came and went very quickly, but while the sun was shining, Seattlites were definitely taking advantage of the sun.

A Day in my Life:

A day in my life entails taking care of these little guys and everything else that goes with it.  That means stinky diapers, reading books, lots of Elmo, nursing, picking up toys, laundry, meals, and much more.  But it's fun!

All Smiles:

Nate loved climbing on this tractor at Craven Farms.

Autumn Harvest:

This year we took Nate and Lance to a pumpkin patch.  It was definitely a fun day for us.  If you can believe it, I had 3-month old Lance strapped to my chest in his carrier and I was using my long lens to take pictures.  That was a juggling act for sure.

Family or Home:

This year, we surprised our family (who live 1,000 miles away) with a Christmas visit. All of the grandparents were thrilled to see Nate and Lance and it was nice to see all of the cousins (who are growing up so quickly!).  My siblings were all home for the holidays, which was nice as well.


Nate turned two and ate a big slice of chocolate cake to celebrate.

Let's Do It Again:

I got a little weird right after Lance was born and thought I didn't want anymore babies.  I was tired and getting used to waking up in the middle of the night again was hard.  But now that a few months has passed and after looking at pictures like this, I know we need to have another one.  Let's do it again, honey! (but not for a while...).

I miss you:

I miss the summer.  I miss watching Nate play in the water, taking pictures of the sunset (which didn't set until after 9:30 PM), and flip flops.



Dress Up:
I loved Nate's Halloween costume this year.


We'll pretend this is a macro shot. :)


Christmas morning. :)

My Favorite:
If you asked Nate, playing with the rocks along the beach was probably his favorite activity of the year.

Don't Ever Change:

These little guys have already changed so much in the months just since I took these pictures.  Can't they just stay little forever?

Just Because...So There!

I love this picture. It may be my favorite picture of the year that isn't related to my boys.

Hopes and Dreams:

All of my hopes and dreams are wrapped up in these three guys.  While there are things that I am striving for, I wouldn't want any of it if it meant that I had to sacrifice my family.  They are my world and I only want the best for them.  If they are happy, then 2012 will be a success.

Thanks for hosting this fun challenge, Ashley.  I can't wait to see where 2012 takes us.  I know it will be over before we know it!

Happy New Year!