Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Puddlegear

Oh goodness, where has the time gone? 2 weeks without blogging? I must be going crazy.  Or really busy. Or distracted.  The other night, my husband let me know that last January I blogged 20 times.  This January I have only blogged 5 times.  I guess I'm a slacker. :)

But if you're interested in what I've been up to, check out my Etsy site.

Ok, so on to this week's scavenger hunt.

Recently we had a lot of snow. Like out-of-the-ordinary type of weather for Seattle.  But it has since rained a lot and all of the snow is gone.

However, while the snow was here, I took advantage of testing out a product that was sent to me called Puddlegear.  It's a suit intended for rainy weather, but I found that it also worked perfectly in the snow.  I put some warm clothes on Nate and then put the Puddlegear suit over his clothes and he remained completely dry and warm.

Check out that cute outfit that Nate is sporting.  Those gloves kept his hands toasty the entire time.

Stand Alone:

Look at my little guy treking through the snow.  

Rusty or Something Old:

Let's just pretend those bleachers behind me are old and rusty.  


That snow definitely wasn't artificial, which led Nate to get a little obsessed with eating it.  Don't worry...we told him not to eat the yellow snow. :)

Repeating Pattern:

Attacking each other with snow quickly became a pattern.  Even after rolling in the snow and dumping it on each other's heads, Nate's hands were warm (the gloves are fleece-lined), he stayed dry, and he never once complained about being cold.  

The owner of Puddlegear has this to say about her products:

"Puddlegear rainwear is soft and flexible, breathable, wind and water proof, safe with specific designs to keep your kids safe on the playground and in nature, very durable, flexible in all 4 seasons, and best of all it absolutely adorable and very cool! We have styles to fit every kind of player, onepiece raingear, bib rainpants, fireman rainjackets, and mitts! Great sailing raingear! Kids teachers and parents agree that when kids need to be dry -Puddlegear raingear is fantastic!"

Alrighty, thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your week! 


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun out in the snow - love these shots.

  2. Glad to see someone is enjoying some snow!!! Great shots... and looks like your little guy really enjoyed himself! =)