Monday, February 20, 2012

Color Inspiration

When the weather was warmer (lasts about 8 weeks in Seattle), I was taking photos that really sparked my creativity.  The colors were beautiful and vibrant and I wasn't freezing my buns off while getting the shot.  While I am anxiously awaiting the return of the warmer weather, I've been digging through my archives and making color palettes out some of my favorite photos.

What's even cooler is that while editing Leavesnbloom's photo for the Edit Me challenge, I realized she hosted a weekly linkup for these types of palettes.  Pretty awesome.

This photo was taken at Lake Shannon, which is about an hour from Seattle.  The blues and greens of the lake combined with the reds and pinks of this weed made it one of my favorite photos from the summer (that don't include my sons or husband).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Another week has come and gone.  The second month of 2012 is almost over.  Wasn't it just New Year's Eve?  This week is going to be pretty busy for us because we are moving.  I'll be packing all week and trying to find places to put the boxes where it won't be a safety hazard for the boys and then on Saturday it'll be my job to keep the boys out of the movers' way.  Fun times ahead.

Ok, onto the hunt.  I have to admit that I pulled from the archives for these shots.  #NotPrepared


Love these boys.  Sometimes I'm resistant to give up the camera and let my husband take some pictures, but when I look back at the pictures, I am always happy to have them.  You can read that post here.


I duplicated this picture of my coffee cup to show the differences between various aperture settings. 

When I saw this prompt, my initial thought was also to head to Twitter...just like Ashley.  I guess great minds think alike.  Are you following me on Twitter? I'd love to follow you back! Just shoot me a tweet and let me know.


This is one of my favorite collages of Nate coloring.  Doesn't he look so focused?


Lance's exersaucer is a life saver.  I can put him in it when I'm straightening up the house or making Nate's breakfast. It keeps him entertained (usually) and safe.  I won this particular exersaucer by participating in a giveaway.  How cool is that!?!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Please. Can he just stay this size for a while?  Cute. Squishy. And happy (except for when he wakes up the moment I lay him down but I think he's getting better).  Knock on wood.

At 6.5 months old, he's rolling everywhere and I do mean everywhere.  He'll roll off of the changing table, the edge of the bed, the rug, the couch, or wherever else he happens to be (don't worry...he hasn't hit the ground).  He has 5 teeth and one other just poking through.  And yes.  He bites.  And no.  It's not ok.  It doesn't feel good. But I deal with it.  And I try not to complain too much (crap, I'm complaining now).

A mother's love transcends all pain...childbirth and nipple biting included.

Anyway...onto less painful subjects.

This guy.

He's fun. I laugh every day just watching him.  He's silly and sweet but bossy at the same time.  The other day, we caught him starting to boss a 6-year old around.  I'm hoping that these characteristics just mean that he's a leader in the making.  

He talks up a storm.  I remember waiting in line to catch a ferry when Ryan struck up a conversation with a man parked in front of us.  The man was telling us about his grandkids and asking if Nate talked yet.  We told him that he says a few words here and there (I think he was barely a year old at that point). The man said, "You spend the first two years of their life teaching them how to talk and then you spend the rest of their life teaching them to shut up."  

Don't get me wrong.  I cherish Nate's chatter.  The way he uses complete sentences, identifies the colors of everything he touches, counts to three, says "on your mark, go yet, GO!"  It's all so cute.  But when we're driving and he's talking a mile a minute, I remember what that man said and it makes me laugh.  

He's also potty trained now.  I feel like we deserve an award or something.  It was a lot of work! But I guess it's something that every parent has to do at some point.  And even though he's pretty much got it down, it's still a lot of work.  As soon as I sit down, I hear, "Nate going pee pee!" and I have to jump up and rush him to the bathroom.  But it's worth it.  I'm so proud of us him. 

I say all of that just to say that they are fun.  It's amazing to watch these boys growing up.  These precious, handsome boys that didn't even exist just a short time ago, are growing, developing their own personalities, learning, and getting me wrapped around their little fingers with every smile.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

and then, she {snapped}and then, she {snapped}

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stop Making Excuses and Give Your Husband the Camera

We spend all day long taking pictures of our kids.  Every big moment, every new tooth, each first bite, and even each first poop in the potty.  It's all documented and stored away in folders on our computers.
We have pictures of our kids with our husbands all snuggled up on the couch, walking hand in hand, changing diapers, feeding first bites, and all of the other moments in between.
But when hubby says, "Hey babe, let me have the camera," we freeze up.  We make excuses.
"It's ok. I just got out of the shower."
"Nah...I'm the photographer here."
"No, my hair looks terrible."
"I'm are not going to take any pictures of me today!"
"I'm not even wearing cute clothes."
"I'll just keep taking pictures of you loving on the kids."
But we were there too.  We loved on our kids. We made them meals, fed them their first bites too, bathed them, held their hands, snuggled with them in bed, read them stories, kissed their owies.  We do it all too.
And we deserve to have those folders on our computer, those scrapbooks, photo albums, whatever, filled with pictures of us loving and taking care of our kids.

So teach your husband how to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture or get it all set up for him.  Or get your trusty point-n-shoot out.  And don't wait for him to ask. Hand him the camera and say "snap some pictures."

Because time goes too fast to wait for a moment when we've run out of excuses.

(Ryan, for the record, you are allowed to remind me of this post the next time you ask to have the camera and I try and talk you out of it).

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and then, she {snapped}
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Today was a beautiful day in Seattle, so we took advantage of it and spent the day roadtripping.  It was nice.

Ok, on to this week's hunt.

Strike a pose:

Getting both of them to pose at the same time is nearly impossible.


Lance is stylin' in his striped socks.


Nate digs reading his dad's Sports Illustrated mags.


From Seattle's recent snowfall.

Color Me Green:

Bit of a stretch, but there is a green frog next to Lance's face.  This photo was actually taken about a month ago.  Since then, he now has 3 teeth on the top.  Ouch.

Enjoy your week!