Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mama Guilt

I have two adorable little boys.  Really.  They are adorable.  Both have blue eyes, but Lance's eyes are super blue.  When the light hits them just right, they are amazing.

He also happens to have six teeth.  Those teeth bite me.  Lately, not only has he been biting me while nursing, but he's started trying to gnaw on my shoulder, my leg, my chest...basically anywhere he can sink his teeth into while I'm holding him.

And if I'm being completely honest, I have a confession to make.  I'm secretly counting down the months until I can stop nursing him.  Knowing that he'll probably begin to sleep through the night then (as opposed to waking up every hour sometimes) sounds heavenly.  Saying goodbye to being bitten unexpectedly while nursing also is especially appealing.

But I feel a lot of guilt about feeling this way.  I know I should be cherishing these months because they will be over before I know it and the days of baby-ness will have passed, but I can't help but secretly get a little excited  each time he gets a month older.

I know I'm doing the best thing for him by nursing him until he is at least a year old and I have no desire to quit now and give him formula.  Has anyone else ever felt this way while nursing? Particularly while nursing a 2nd or 3rd child? I guess I'm just hoping to hear that I'm not alone in feeling this way. Having a case of mama guilt isn't fun.


  1. This is a gorgeous picture - and yes, such beautiful, beautiful eyes.
    Those nibbling teeth when feeding can be so tough to endure!

  2. I only had one nurser (out of 3) and we went until 14 months, but you're right, that biting is no fun. It could just be a little phase he's going through so maybe give it a bit longer. But also, there's no guilt in stopping either...

    Gorgeous photo!!

  3. My 11 month old went through a phase where he would bite me all the time and I almost gave up the nursing. If he wasn't so hard to get back to sleep I would have given up for sure! And I too felt super guilty about it. He only bites occasionally now, and only if he's upset. Once he bit my husband and drew blood. Those teethies are no joke! Hopefully your handsome little guy will stop biting too :)