Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's been a long week, but we are finally moved into our new place.  Thanks to my awesome packing skills and my husband's amazing unpacking skills, just about everything is in its place.  Let's just say that moving with a 2-year old and a 7-month old is not an easy feat.

So onto this week's Scavenger Hunt.

Smiles from Lance are pretty routine these days.

Hearing them laugh together is music to my ears (ok, ok...cheesy, I know).

If someone starts singing on TV, he'll stop whatever he's doing to watch.  Then he starts making that funny face.  Too cute.

Show Me Your Style:
I haven't taken any recent pictures of myself, but check out Lance's style.  He'll fall asleep anywhere. In his Dad's arms, in the car, in his high chair, and on the floor.  But getting him to sleep in his bed can be difficult at times.  Ironic, right?

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  1. Love that style shot - they are too cute!

  2. WHat great shots, love the style so cute!!

  3. Beautiful set - really love your first shot. Beautiful light.

  4. love your music photo. not cheesy at all, very cute!

  5. You were very clever to find ways to illustrate your adorable boys in each of these prompts. Who wouldn't want tons of pics of these two cuties?! Great series.

  6. Great pictures. Your sons are adorable. Your music shot is music to my ears! Love listening to kids laugh!