Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This train isn't vintage yet, but I hope it's around for a long time.  Nate's great-grandpa hand-made it for him. 

Word or Quote:
Nate absolutely loves when I let him lay in our bed.  If I really want to get him excited, I tell him that he can lay down under the covers and watch a short cartoon.  It's nice that little things can be such a treat to him.

Nature's Own:
 Speaking of little things making Nate happy, he loves to throw rocks into water.  Any large body of water will do. The ocean, a lake, a pool, it doesn't matter. He would do it for hours on end if we let him.  These ducks thought Nate was throwing bread.  I'm sure they were a little disappointed when they realized we didn't have any.

My favorite two little guys...I love that they make each other laugh already. 

Photographer's Choice:
While we're on the subject of things I love, I love that he's learning to sit so well.  Since we've moved into our new place, Lance's mobility has more than doubled.  He's crawling, scooting, sitting, and rolling.  And he does it all in record pace.  If Nate sits down and starts playing, Lance will make his way over to him in just a matter of seconds.  It's pretty impressive.  

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  1. Cute boys! Great hunt, my favorite is word or quote. Have a great Sunday. :)

    I smiled when I read your blog header "Walk with me", mine is Everyday I walk with You...!

  2. These are all precious! Love that vintage and nature's own!

  3. Love your vintage photo! The toy train is adorable.

  4. Wow...these are all so beautiful. I love all of them, but vintage is my absolute favorite. Really really great pictures!

  5. I just ADORE that quote and the photo you chose to go along with it...perfection :)

  6. Great set - I really like your quote shot.

  7. Cute people you have here. Love it. Also love vintage, great composition

  8. great photos!