Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Are You Hoping for a Girl?"

Hot Wheels are in nearly every corner of the house.  Soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, bouncy balls, and every other type of ball are thrown at me while I cook dinner.  Football is on in the background while I type, read, exercise, write papers, and sometimes, even while I sleep.  If you happen to find something pink in our house, you know it belongs to me.  I can't blame that stray bobby pin left on top of the microwave on anyone else and any random hair found over an inch long definitely came from my head.

I'm the only girl (except for Katniss-our kitten). 

During this third pregnancy (and even during my 2nd), I always got asked if I was hoping that we'd have a girl.  And while I didn't mind answering this question, I felt that people generally fell into two groups.  The first group of people who asked me this question were genuinely just curious.  They knew that I already had two boys and wanting a girl was probably inevitable.  Then there was the other group of people.  These people asked me with an edge of judgement in their voices.  Even though they were merely asking if I was hoping for a girl just like those from the first group had asked, these people were basically saying, "Are you selfish enough to be hoping for a girl when all you should want is a healthy baby?"  

And while I agree that having a healthy baby is the important factor, I don't think it is really all that unrealistic to long for a baby girl.  I think it's perfectly normal.  I'm not one of those girls who cries when the sonographer says, "It' a boy!" and gets all dramatic (don't worry).  I am always grateful for a healthy baby.

Answering that question, "Are you hoping for a girl?" was a bit daunting at times.  I never knew what reaction I'd get.  I was always honest, though.  My response, "Of course I would be thrilled to have a girl, but having boys has been wonderful and I would be so happy to have a third little guy if that's in the plan for us."  


Here is my favorite photo from the summer.  I took it while prepping to take the shot for our Baby #3 pregnancy announcement.  These 3 guys have become the center of my world and give me an entirely new meaning to my life.

And if you missed our Baby #3 Gender Reveal, you can see it here.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


  1. I love that photo! And I feel your pain. People's questions are often so perplexing...especially related to pregnancy and babies.

  2. loved your story, Shoni. you should be a the photo, too. suzanne