Saturday, March 30, 2013

That Post Where I Try To Make Up For Not Blogging In 4 Months

Oh little blog of mine, how I've missed you.

I've missed sharing photos, documenting our fun times, and jotting down the little things I don't want to forget.  I've been a slacker in terms of my blog, but not in other areas of my life.  And maybe that's why this blog has been neglected.

Since I last updated, I have finished student teaching, earned a Master's degree and a teaching credential, moved to our hometown (1,000 miles away) with two children and while being 8 months pregnant, taken on more photography gigs, and had another beautiful blue-eyed boy.

My life has been full.

Zachariah Dean was born on February 19th.

From the moment I held him in my arms, I have been amazed at how much we really did need him.  He was always meant to be a part of our family and has settled into our lives perfectly.  The boys love him.   They give him endless kisses and always want to hold him.  And he sleeps like a champ.

What more could a mom want?

The boys are getting big.

Nate just might talk more than any other 3-year old I've ever met.  He asks endless questions and keeps us on our toes.  He's stubborn, inquisitive, and funny.  This kid cracks me up all day long.  He makes up his own words to songs, calls us funny names, and writes his own jokes. He's a clever one.

Lance is always on the go.  With his bright blue eyes, he is a combination of mischief and sweetness.  It's not uncommon for him to be standing on the kitchen table when I turn my back for just a few seconds. When I catch him, he quickly says, "Hi!" with the biggest smile on his face.  It's hard to get him in too much trouble.

He has a way of melting my heart with a single smile or hug.

Life gets crazy around here sometimes.  There are days when I get quite a bit of free time (meaning all 3 boys are sleeping simultaneously) and there are other days when it seems that I don't get any.  Between trying to get in an hour (or more) of exercise a day, my etsy shop, photography, and the other things I have to do (fold laundry, etc) blogging has just been last on the list. However, I want to keep this going for no other reason than to have a place to share cute pictures of my kids and jot down the memories I don't want to forget.  The kids change so much and so quickly.

To keep me blogging, I'm going to embark on a 365-day challenge.  These usually start on January first, but I'm starting mine on April 1st.  My goal is to post a picture a day from our life.  This means that I will have to get my big camera out each and every day, upload pictures every day, and at least post a picture.


(raising my imaginary glass)

Here is to the next 365 days!

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