Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14: My Baby

Tuesday, my baby will be 8 weeks old, which isn't officially two months, but it's close enough.  There are days when I look at him and still can't believe that he is here...he's in our lives.  He is the little brother.  I can already imagine him antagonizing his older brothers, splashing them in the tub, watching their every move, and tagging along.

He's a sweetheart with his smiles, sleepiness, and dimples.

I couldn't be more in love.


  1. what a dollbaby! Good luck with your p365! I've started a couple of times, but never made it all the way through. Stick with it!

  2. what a cutie! great perspective here.

  3. So sweet, they grow so fast don't they? Loving that little toe sticking out on his foot!

  4. Ahhhh so sweet! I'm doing my first p52 this year, and I hope to do a 365 next year! :)